An excerpt from A Moment with Christian Coigny

Arguably, a photograph’s natural habitat is on paper. The image eases into the soft crevices and wrinkles, lending a depth of texture which seems to draw the flat picture into life again. The swoop of a curving torso, the well of shadow pooling in a collarbone, the luminosity of a thigh. It surpasses tangibility to become something which communicates not with the active mind, but the subconscious, the part which needs no words to understand. Christian Coigny’s photography grasps this concept with confident delicacy. 


Working mostly in black and white, and always with film, his portfolio spans nearly over half a century, gradually honed over the years to its purest form. He’s exhibited in Sweden, Belgium, France and Switzerland since the 1970s, and photographed for brands such as Hermès, Ferretti, Bongénie Grieder and Chopard. 


Six hundred miles apart, I speak with Coigny, who is jovial, despite the early hour of the interview. He has the type of voice you can hear the smile breaking across his face…

Yunomi - Issue 1

A Moment with Christian Coigny

An interview with renowned Swiss photographer, Christian Coigny.

Half-Seen Things

An interview with fine artist, Lucy Augé.

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