An excerpt from Do You Remember Dancing in September?

On 26 September 2015, I drew a nose and whiskers on my face to make Mum snort with laughter. Exactly a year later, at half past ten o’clock at night, my family and I left the hospital where we had spent the last five hours. My heart-side was cold, and as I sat in the driver’s seat and switched on the ignition, ‘This is Heaven to Me’ by Madeleine Peyroux came on. 


I imagine how life used to be as if I were floating in air, blissfully unaware of the ocean beneath. When Mum died, it was like gravity plunged me into the water below. For a long while, it was like drowning, reaching for the place I had once so effortlessly resided. Over time, I found that I could break the surface. I could replicate the feeling of weightlessness from before if I lay still enough, staring up at a sky I could never reclaim. Sometimes my head still dips beneath the waves, but not as often now…

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Oh Comely - Issue 38

Do You Remember Dancing in September?

An article on grief.  

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