Barking Up the Wrong Tree

My name is Dixie and I run a tight ship. Debbie and I met
by happenstance whilst she was being accosted by my more brutish brothers and sisters, who gnawed and lolloped over her as she howled. I asserted my authority by planting myself on her lap, nuzzling comfortingly into her hand until she began to coo. After that, I decided to escort her home, and since then, we have been a pack of two.

I love her in her rawest form. Unperfumed, morning-breath, musty with sweat, and unbathed. She smells like home, soft and salty,

and a little of me, too. She pokes and prods her body, but I love her the best when she laughs so hard her face scrunches and a double chin develops from her neck. Her teeth, blunt and bared, head upturned, I translate as a sign of play. In short, I love her…

You can read the full story in the tenth issue of Four & Sons.

Four & Sons - Issue 10

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

A short story about a dog named Dixie.

Illustrated by Jay Howell.

Please note, this issue has two different covers.

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